Farrall Auto Appraisal Services

  • Pre-purchase inspections
    Have a trained expert evaluate the vehicle before you buy. We visually inspect the engine, chassis, interior and exterior, check that all equipment is operational and ask to see any vehicle records and documentation. Don't trust photographs to evaluate a vehicle.

  • Insurance Appraisal
    Make sure you have adequate insurance for your vehicle. Values of older or specialty vehicles may be much higher than standard insurance valuations. Upgrades or modifications may increase value. Agreed upon value policies often require an appraisal.

  • Selling a car
    Have an expert document what your vehicle’s current fair market value is. We keep up with the latest auction and sales prices. We can give you tips on how to improve the value and marketability of your vehicle. A documented valuation gives you more bargaining power.

  • Finance Appraisal
    An appraisal is often needed to obtain financing of a used vehicle. You may also qualify for a larger loan with an appraisal report.

  • Diminished Value After Accident
    Once your car is in an accident, it looses value. Even a properly repaired vehicle will show damage history on CarFax or other reporting services. You may be able to make an insurance or legal claim for the loss due to diminished value. A diminished value appraisal can document your loss.

  • Collateral Value
    Vehicles can be used to secure financing for business or personal loans. Unlock the value of your vehicle assets with an appraisal to document the fair market value.

  • Estate/Donation/Gift Value
    Any time you transfer assets it is important to know their value. Whether you are estimating the value of an estate, documenting a donation to a charity or gifting a vehicle to a family member, the IRS or state tax authorities may require an appraisal of fair market value.

  • Divorce Assets
    Document the fair market value of all your automotive, motorcycle or recreational vehicle assets. Don’t let a court or your spouse’s attorney determine the value of your vehicles.

  • Claim Settlement
    Did the insurance company cover everything that was damaged in the accident? Was the work done properly? Document your case if you think you were not treated fairly.

  • Expert Witness
    If you have to go to court, you may need an expert witness on your side. An expert witness is allowed to give opinion testimony that may help your case.